Daily Topic for March 08, 2012

John 18:37
"Everyone on the side of truth listens to me." "What is truth?" Pilate asked.

Jesus made some amazing and bold statements, and he was not afraid to do so even among the most powerful people in the land. As the Church of Christ, we are to represent Jesus as he represented Himself—with complete authority, courage and confidence. If a country sent out an ambassador who was timid or afraid when he approached heads of state in other lands, he surely would not be an ambassador for very long. In the same way, we are ambassadors of the King of Kings, and we should act the part. All who are on the side of truth listen to us because the Lord Jesus Christ is with us, and He is the truth.

Pray that the 21st century Church might boldly proclaim the uniqueness of Jesus Christ to every person of every nation.

Chechen People in Georgia

by WK

In 2008 a large group of Chechens fled across the border from Russian-controlled Dagestan to Georgia. They hid in the Pensiki Gorge, out of reach of the Russian troops that had been chasing them. In the distance one could hear gunfire and explosions as Russian troops continued to hunt down Chechen guerillas. Days later, just when the refugees were starting to feel safe, Russian troops crossed the border into Georgia, forcing these people to flee deeper into Georgia.
For many years Georgia had turned a blind eye toward the many Chechens fleeing into their country from neighboring Dagestan. Russian controlled Dagestan is the homeland of the Chechen people group. Chechen guerillas have been fighting for independence for many years. The guerillas have often used Georgia as a base from which to launch attacks. Many native Georgians feel uneasy about their new Chechen neighbors because Chechen guerillas can invite reprisals from the Russian military. Muslim peoples in the past have also oppressed Georgian Christians, so they have another reason to feel uneasy about the Chechens among them. After Russia’s 2008 punitive invasion, Georgia began deporting some Chechens back to Russia, creating fear among the Chechen refugees.

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Ask God for peace in Georgia and Dagestan so missionary efforts won’t be disrupted. Pray that the Lord will raise up faithful workers to share the message of salvation with this people group. May the Chechens of Georgia come to see Christ as the true source of salvation.

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