Daily Topic for February 25, 2012

Isaiah 32: 17
The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.

If the people will trust in the true and living God, they will develop righteousness, which means quietness and confidence in the Lord. Peoples like the Mau Malinkes, who have always put their faith in gods that are not real and in fallen spirits that deceive and harm them, live in fear and unrighteousness. But the One True God, the One who created the heavens, offers righteousness, peace, and confidence. Which would you prefer? Which do you think the Mau Malinkes would prefer if given a choice?

Pray that this year many from unreached nations will put their trust in the One who takes away fears and will give them quietness and confidence.

Mau Malinke People

by NW

In the far away land of Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, a Mau Malinke husband and wife sit glaring at each other with icy stares. Reforms which began in 1965 are now affecting their way of life more than ever, and the husband does not like the changes imposed by the government. He said, “Abu (the village leader) knows what is best for our village. Now the government tells us that his decisions don’t matter!” His wife retorts, “If Abu continues to keep our children from going to school, then it’s best that the government stops him. All of our kids are smart. You know that our son can be an accountant if he just gets the chance to learn math. I think that the new reforms of the government are correct.” The husband said, “I should bring another wife into this house, and maybe she won’t be so obstinate.” His wife replied, “Will you do that, please? That would mean I have half as much work to do.” After trying to continue to look angry, they both laugh.
With so many changes going on, how can the confusion be stopped and peace restored to this Mau Malinke household? Yes, there is an answer: the message of Jesus Christ. Folk Islam will not help the Mau Malinke people deal with the changes thrust upon them.

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Ask the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of the Mau Malinke people to the ways of Christ. Ask God to send many workers to share Jesus and to provide them with Christ-centered materials.

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