Daily Topic for January 04, 2012

Proverbs 29:18
“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.”

Where there is no revelation of God’s law, people cast off the restraints that govern social behavior. Where God’s Word and Christ’s Church are not resident, the uninhibited forces of sin and selfishness ravage peoples and societies. But where messengers of the good news have come to proclaim and demonstrate the way of the true and loving God, and where men and women have congregated in believing fellowships, salt and light combat the decay and darkness.

Pray for His holiness to prevail among the Swahili people. Pray for them to be drawn to His revelation, so that sin will be cast off, and they will be free to obey Him.

Swahili Speakers of Somalia and Kenya

by LR

Mariama gazed at the few remaining cassava tubers her eldest boy, age eight, had dug up from their field. Her gaze fell to her youngest boy, age two, still only 10 pounds. She had only a handful of rice seeds she had intended to plant to start next year’s crop, but she now needed them for next week’s food. Although the Swahili people are known for their famine-surviving techniques, today thousands of Swahili children are dying.
The Swahili-speaking people, numbered about 1,500,000 before the 2011 drought. They live along the coastal regions of Somalia and northern Kenya. The name Swahili, meaning “coast”, refers to several people groups that speak the same language, share the same culture, and honor the same religion—Islam. Many cultures (Bantu, Arab, Asian, Persian, Indian, and Western) have influenced the Swahilis, distinguishing them from their neighbors. The upper class Swahilis work as cross-national merchants and business managers, and the lower class are subsistence farmers.
More than 99 percent of Swahilis are Sunni Muslim, although many traditional pre-Islamic beliefs are prominent in their spiritual lives. Islamic law and customs dominate their lifestyle. There are few followers of Christ among them, and these believers are among the most persecuted people in the world. Some Evangelical resources are available, including audio, video, and printed material, as well as worship music and Scripture translations.

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Pray that God will allow the gospel to be shared with the Swahili-speaking people as aid workers respond to the famine. Pray for open hearts and full stomachs.

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