Daily Topic for November 28, 2011

Psalms 67:4
May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth.

As a follower of Christ, you know that the nations urgently need to hear of His justice, mercy, and salvation. But as the father of modern missions, William Carey, pointed out over 200 years ago, most people don’t have a chance to choose Christ. For centuries their forefathers have offered them something other than God’s perfect ways. Isn’t it only right that they have the chance to be glad and sing for joy to the One who rules justly and guides the nations? Don’t they have the right to worship the only One worthy of our praise?

May God’s rule soon extend to the unreached peoples!

Vagri People

by EJD

Leaning on her walking stick, Gowri waited patiently in the long line, the beginning of which she couldn’t see with her failing eyes. Hot tears stung her nearly blind eyes as she waited with a twisted metal plate while the people behind her jostled her. People were emerging from the long lines of grey tarpaulin tents in the squalid refugee camp at Sukkur.
Gowri and her aging husband barely escaped the floods that destroyed their home. They were able to salvage a bag of belongings that they carried with them on the back of an over crowded truck that threatened to spill them at every sharp turn.
As horrendous as that ordeal was, the days since they arrived at the refugee camp have been almost as bad. For the first few days they weren’t given food because they didn’t have valid identification. The appalling treatment that was meted out to them was also evident in their being given beef. Being part of Pakistan’s Hindu minority, Gowri, a member of the Vagri people, clawed her own face in grief that day. Things have since improved, but she still has to wait in this seemingly never-ending queue of people for a ration of flour and oil. The Vagri people in Pakistan are a landless minority who are largely cattle breeders and agricultural laborers.

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Pray that the Vagri people might be freed from ills in this world and have peace and joy through the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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