Daily Topic for November 17, 2011

Psalms 119: 162
I rejoice in Your promise like one who finds great spoil.

Grab a piece of paper and write down a list of God’s promises. He has given us many precious promises, all of which are far greater than great spoil. He has given us an abundant life in the here and now, and the blessings of forgiveness and eternal fellowship with Him. What delightful promises for us to enjoy! To those who don’t know Him, however, He offers eternal separation, without forgiveness. Are we willing to take His promises to peoples like the Dhunds who don’t know of them?

Pray for His promises to reach the people groups we pray for this month. Pray that His promises will be understood by the nations as far greater than any spoil this world has to offer.

Dhund People

by KC

Having less than half a million of people, the Dhund tribe is fairly small by South Asian standards. Yet they have enjoyed much power through their long history. They have a royal history, filled with cultural reformers, rulers, feudal chiefs, conquerors, and religious leaders. One Dhund leader was sent to punish a Kashmiri king for not paying tribute to Afghanistan.
Though some still consider them to be only a “tribe,” the Dhund people are by no means backwards. They are a force to be reckoned with, even in today’s world. Yet, like many of the other ethnic groups of Pakistan, they still suffer from loses from the devastating flood. Today it is estimated that about 22 percent of them still suffer in some way.
As devout Muslims, they also suffer from believing that they must earn favor with Allah by obeying the laws of a religious system. They have no concept that the One who holds eternity is a merciful and loving father.

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Pray that the Dhund people will soon hear of the Risen Lord from radio broadcasts, gospel recordings, and from workers who come to share Christ’s abundance with them. Boldly pray for angelic visions to Dhund leaders that will give them the willingness to listen to the gospel.

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