Daily Topic for November 07, 2011

Luke 5:6
When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.

When this happened, the people understood this to mean that Jesus was a man of power. It took time for them to understand that He is also the Son of God, the Messiah. Muslims like the Kanera people understand that Jesus is a great prophet. But they haven’t yet taken that leap of faith that the disciples did in calling Him lord, and trusting Him with their eternal welfare.

Pray that the Kanera people will understand the true nature of Jesus and put their trust in Him, just as the fishermen-turned disciples did 2,000 years ago.

Kanera People

by PD

“I’ve never seen the river flood that much in my life! But my father told me that whenever river water meets the sea, it creates a lot of fish,” 18-year-old Jan Mohammad said to a volunteer from America. He continued, “There is a magical spell in the river water which increases fish in the sea. I was told the flood brought more food for the fish, and they became bigger and had more fish. Even though we Kaneras will make more money, it does not make us happy, because millions of people lost their homes and livelihoods. Right after the flood I helped many people get to safety with my little boat. The people were crying and afraid. I sought Allah for answers to why it happened, and I was led to an iman who read these words to me from the Qur’an: “Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives, and the fruits of your toil. But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. Those who say, when afflicted with calamity, ‘To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.’ (2:155-157). I memorized it and quoted it to those whom I tried to help.”
There are 56,000 Muslim Kanera fishermen living in Pakistan. They were one of the few people groups that are benefiting from the flood.

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Pray that they will be led by believers to knowing and accepting the Lord’s guidance in the Bible.

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