Daily Topic for November 01, 2011

Psalms 8:4
What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?

Like King David who wrote Psalm 8, we should be in awe of the God who loves us. People like RAC Paul, whom this biography is about, are not always lovable. Nor are most of the other seven billion people on this planet, including the suffering unreached people groups in Pakistan that we will pray for this month. Yet God loves us all, and He wants His love to transform us into His image!

Thank Him today, that He loves you as well as those who haven’t yet had a chance to hear of His glory and mercy.

Missionary Biography, RAC Paul

by KC

RAC Paul, a Tamil Indian was born in 1941, and had the unusual combination of bad health and arrogance. He came from a God-fearing Christian family in Tamil Nadu, India, and their prayers saved him from the jaws of death when he was a youth. But after God healed him, he began to get into mischief. It wasn’t until he was in veterinary school that he finally surrendered his life to Christ, after facing another crisis with his frequent kidney problems.

Because he was so sickly, the boy spent much of his time reading, and he had no problem graduating with high grades in 1963. Because he read missionary biographies, he felt called to work with the tribal peoples in India.

While working at his first job as a veterinarian, Paul came in contact with the Indian Missionary Society (IMS), a group that made it their policy to use only Indian national workers and accept only domestic funds. One of the ways they funded their work was through the “handful of rice movement.” Their women would set aside a handful of their daily rice each day, sell it, and use the money to fund mission work. The IMS was starting a new mission effort in southern Orissa, a state in eastern India, where the Koya and Bondo tribes lived. Paul talked with his church leaders and those of the IMS, and they agreed to send him to this mission field.

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Pray for God to get a hold of people from Christian backgrounds, and use them for His glory.

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