Daily Topic for October 30, 2011

Acts 2:41
Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.

Some might say that Peter had the gift of evangelism. God called him from a fishing boat to become a “fisher of men,” and here we see some of the results. God gives each of us gifts to be used to extend His Kingdom. It is very possible that the Bhat peoples, who seem to be skilled in persuading others, might be good evangelists if they became followers of Jesus. Why not pray for God to use them in this way?

Pray that God will raise up thousands of Bhat people to follow the Lord and send many of them out to proclaim His Name among the unreached nations.

Bhat Sikhs

by WK

Samraj held back a laugh when the turbaned Sikh gave his sales pitch at the door of his flat. “The only way to keep up with what is going on in today’s India is to subscribe to The Hindu. The publication has all the latest news. Their reporters have the inside sources that no other magazine can duplicate.” Samraj bought a year’s subscription, and wondered why a Sikh would be selling a Hindu-owned publication.
Little did Samraj know that this Sikh man is from the Bhat people group, which is known for it’s ability to sell. Today it was magazine subscriptions, tomorrow it might be pots and pans or low-end jewelry. The Sikh man dressed well and lived well. You name it, he could sell it.
Along with Hindus and Muslims, there is also a large faction of Sikhs within the Bhat people group. The Bhats have a long history of being expert merchants and salesmen. This people group has taken the warrior spirit of the Sikh religion and adapted it to fit their merchant way of life. There are few, if any, followers of Jesus Christ among the Bhats of India.

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Ask God to break the hold that materialism and the Sikh religion has on the Bhats of India. Pray that the Lord would open the door for tentmaker missionaries to begin reaching out to this people group. Ask God to open the hearts of the Bhats to Christ’s message of salvation.

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