Daily Topic for October 09, 2011

Judges 2:20-21
Because this nation has violated the covenant that I laid down for their forefathers … I will no longer drive out before them any of the nations Joshua left when he died.

Community pressure is a complicated thing. In this case, there was not enough community pressure to keep the Israelites moving in the direction God had for them. As a group they were willing to settle for lazy spirituality and outright disobedience to the God who delivered them from Egypt. On the other hand, community pressure can be a good thing if it nudges people towards doing what they should be doing. Today, we are praying for a Sikh community that is in the midst of change. Community pressure could play an important role regarding whether or not people submit to Him.

Pray that Sikh-background believers will show Sikhs how to follow Christ without causing unnecessary strife within their communities.

Banjara Sikhs

by PE

Harjit smoothed her intricately tattooed hands and fastened her brightly colored costume. She fingered the ornaments around the neckline and down the sleeves then slid on several inlaid bangles to complete the picture. She smiled at the sight of her husband in his traditional pleated sarong, falling to his knees much like a kilt. A tall turban swooped high on his head and covered long tightly wound hair. They were ready for the wedding!
Harjit’s heart sank as she watched her oldest son comb short, Western-style hair with his head devoid of a turban. It was unimaginable that he would reject such a basic tenant of their Sikh religion. His two younger brothers still wear their turbans. Harjit had noticed them staring with admiration at their brother’s new look. Oh, how Harjit hoped the people at the wedding wouldn’t shun or embarrass them for their son’s shocking ways!
This family is part of the Banjara people. Ban means “forest” and jara comes from the word chara, which means “mover” or “wanderer.” The Banjaras are sometimes called the “gypsies of India” for their nomadic ways. Most Banjaras are either Hindu or Muslim, though some adhere to Sikhism.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will engulf the hearts of the Banjara peoples during this time of transition when many of the youth are rejecting the old traditions. Pray that they will allow Jesus to fill the great spiritual vacuum in their hearts.

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