Daily Topic for September 28, 2011

Exodus 15:3
The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His Name.

The Rajput people were one of the few ethnic groups recognized by the British colonizers for their military skills. Historically, they were the ones to fight India’s battles. Like the Vikings who were reluctant to accept a God whom they thought was weak enough to be crucified, the Rajputs may have trouble accepting the God of the Bible. They need to know that God is an all-powerful warrior!

Pray that the Rajputs will soon worship the Lord, who calls us to His battles. Pray that they will understand that He is an all-powerful warrior.

Muslim Rajputs

by EJD

Rana Iqbal Hussein’s steely gaze was fixed on the towering mountains above and beyond the hustle and bustle of the tiny village below his office window. The stories he had heard about brave Rajput warrior ancestors clashed ironically with the dreariness of his existence in this dingy government office building above a sleepy Nepali village.

“Iqbal saab, your chai,” reminded the scraggy office boy, bringing Iqbal from lofty thoughts to the affairs of yet another tea break. He continued to stare at the green hillside. The bemused office boy asked, “Bhai saab, is everything all right? You seem to be in a faraway place.” Iqbal shook his head and replied, “Other Ranas or Rajputs are Hindus, but a few of us are Muslims. The stories I grew up on were about my brave ancestors fighting in monumental battles. They knew less about office work than I know about fighting a war.” He paused and mumbled, “We had both better get back to work.” He quickly gulped down his sweet chai. Iqbal returned to his piles of ledgers, and the office boy to his dusting the shelves.

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Pray that the Lord God would reveal Himself to the Muslim Rajputs in Nepal. Pray that they will soon know the joy of the Lord, rather than just dreams of the past.

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