Daily Topic for September 10, 2011

Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

It has always been God’s desire that people would live their lives with dignity. Being created in His image guaranteed this dignity if our forefathers had wished to associate with Him. But as mankind chose to forget about the Lord, he began to worship gods that are not gods. Then man created demeaning human systems like the caste system which makes us less than reflections of God. As we take this message to all peoples, may we be constantly reminded that every human being has eternal significance and infinite value as an instrument of praise and worship!

Pray that the Khatik peoples will soon experience the joy of glorifying God by knowing that they are created in His image.

Muslim Khatik People in Nepal

by NW

The little girl walked along the road kicking rocks as she thought about her life. Other people had things that she did not have. She realized she was part of a group of people called the Khatiks. Did that mean she must always be hungry, wanting, and looked down upon? As a Khatik, she was part of a low caste group. Did this mean that her life would be the same as her parent’s when she became an adult?

To make matters worse, she is part of the Muslim Khatiks, and they raise pigs for a living! Even Hindus consider them “dirty,” but Muslims are especially repulsed by them. Even if her family left behind pig farming, they still would be considered low caste. The saying applies here, “Once in a caste forever in a caste.” Yet, her caste can receive dignity, and their future can be changed by the one and only true God! By receiving Jesus Christ, the girl and the Khatik people could receive hope and a future.

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Pray for God to raise up followers of Christ in Nepal who will live among the Khatik people and show them how to live out their lives with dignity and hope in Jesus Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of Khatik people to receive their loving Lord.

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