Daily Topic for September 05, 2011

Genesis 7:23
Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals.

All over the world thousands of tribal peoples trace their origins to the descendents of a great flood. Most of these people have elements in the story of their beginnings similar to the account of the flood contained in Genesis chapters 7-8. These are the universal portions of Scripture which almost every people has in their own history, and which many have preserved in what theologians call historical revelation. All people groups know about God’s anger and punishment, but most of them over the thousands of years since man was created have forgotten about His love. That’s what was so unique about the special revelation Jesus brought: He revealed the fullness of the Triune God. Our Creator is a judge, but He is also our comforter, healer, savior, and redeemer.

Pray that all unreached peoples might experience the fullness of God’s revelation.

Baloch People in Nepal

by WK

The Baloch shepherd shivered as he watched his flock of sheep graze in the grassy field on the slope of a Nepali mountain. The climate was very different from his homeland in Pakistan’s Baloch Province, but at least flooding didn’t devastate it. Massive floods had forced this man and his family to find new grazing land in a foreign country.

The Baloch are a Muslim people group that lives mostly in southwestern Pakistan. They live in a hot, desert land that borders Iran and Afghanistan. But some Baloch live in river valleys where there is much grass for their livestock. Many such people ended up being displaced by massive floods. There were already a few Baloch herders in Nepal before the floods, but many more joined them after this disaster.

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Pray that the Baloch people in Nepal will come to see Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd who can save them from both economic and spiritual devastation. Right now there is an open door for community development workers to reach out to this people group. Ask God to raise up godly dedicated workers to start a ministry to these suffering people. Pray that many Baloch people will learn about the wonderful God who loves them. May this people group realize their problems are spiritual, not political.

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