Daily Topic for August 23, 2011

Revelation 11:15
The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: ‘The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign for ever and ever.’

We live in a world in rebellion against its Creator. From the time of the fall of Adam and Eve, God’s plan has been to quell the rebellion and once again establish His authority over all the earth. Jesus Himself said that the gates of hell will not be able to withstand this reconquest by His Church. Yet there are still people groups without Christ-centered fellowships to proclaim and demonstrate His kingdom within these societies. This is the challenge before us.

Pray that churches, students, and mission agencies will join hearts and hands as never before to see Christ’s kingdom advance among the nations.

Kasaundhan Bania People

by PE

Sarla swept the full skirt of her sari to the side as she passed the furnace where her family’s metalworker formed lovely pots of copper, brass, and bell-metal. She emerged in the front of the store, stocked with metal vessels of every shape and size, some with hand-painted designs and some with intricate inlay, or fancy filigree. Sarla delighted in showing customers her family’s designs that had been passed down through generations. Each container was priced to include a small sum for donations to a Hindu charity, and thus fulfill her vows to numerous Hindu gods.

Ranjeeni, Sarla’s next door neighbor, heard the gospel and put her faith in Jesus while visiting Holland. Ranjeeni now offers Sarla Christian literature and invites her to a small home church. Because Ranjeeni is from a lower caste and Sarla’s eyes are blinded to the gospel, Sarla never accepts the offers.

This is the story of nearly one-half million Kasundhan souls, among whom there is not one single known believer. They are 100 percent Hindu.

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Pray that the veil will be lifted from their spiritual eyes and the revelation of Jesus Christ will fall on them. Pray that the principalities and powers would be bound that stifle the gospel, and that God will call workers to this unharvested field. Pray that salvation will sweep through Kasaundhan communities.

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