Daily Topic for August 19, 2011

Matthew 6:24
No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

The Komte Bania people are spiritually vulnerable. As a wealthy community, they are tempted every day to serve money rather than God. To make matters worse, they live in a land where multiple gods have taken the place of the true and living God. They are but one example of the peoples of the Hindu world that are misdirected towards money and false gods.

Thank the Lord that all things are possible with Him, including the salvation of the Komte Banias. Pray that His Holy Spirit will draw them to His Kingdom.

Komte Bania People

by JR

Laptops and stock market quotes are not what might typically come to mind when you think of India; but India’s economy is changing very rapidly, making such things common in today’s world. India’s rapidly growing economy leans heavily on Bania communities like the Komtes. For centuries, the Komte Banias have enjoyed a monopoly in trade and business, thanks to their caste. They are one of the many money lending Bania subgroups. There are also many shopkeepers and sellers of dry goods among them. If you were a Bania and fell upon hard financial times, you would be provided for to a certain extent by your fellow Komtes. Beggars are very rare among any Bania group, including the Komtes.

Komtes are bound together by a strong sense of caste devotion. Komte men settle disputes at meetings rather than allow disputes to fester. Smaller offences are punished with fines; more serious ones are referred to their religious leader who has the authority to banish people from the caste, if necessary.

The Komte Banias are some of the least reached people in India. There are very few of them known to be followers of Jesus.

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Pray that the rapid changes that have come to India will give the Komte Banias a chance to hear about Christ. Pray that they will not see biblical Christianity as a Western religion, but as a relationship with Jesus.

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