Daily Topic for August 17, 2011

Revelation 22:17
Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of that free gift of the water of life? It cost us nothing, but our Lord gave His life (everything) for us. That is the real difference between faith in Christ and faith in any other. The water of life is free to every repentant sinner who will bow the knee to Jesus. How the unreached Muslims, Animists, Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus need to know this! But, before their hearts will open to this gospel, we must pray.

Pray that the Father will help us to be faithful as we pray for those who need to depend on Him for the water of life.

Oswal Bania People

by LR

“Praise to Sachchika! [their goddess]” Niriksha, an Oswal seamstress, smiled with a dancing heart as she was handed another order for the appliqué style of wedding canopy her family made. All the orders for the special embroidery ensured her already successful business could expand into new shops. She would announce the news at the party tonight.

The Oswal Bania community is made up of four to five million people. They are mostly found in Rajasthan, Punjab, and other nearby areas of northern India. Oswals are indispensable for the Indian economy, and tend to fare well in business. They are the wealthy and very influential in business, industry, and society. The Oswals are known for commemorating their festivals with celebration, color, and song.

Although most Oswals follow Jain religious teachings, some are more influenced by Hinduism. According to Jain teaching, it is considered a sin to take a life. As a result, they are strict vegetarians. Their goddess, Sachchika, is often their family deity. The Oswals have no church, and there are no evangelistic outreaches among them; as far as we know there are no Oswal believers.

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Pray for the Oswal people to hear about Jesus through evangelistic Internet, radio, and literature efforts. Pray that He will send missionaries to this unreached people group so the love of God an shine upon them.

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