Daily Topic for August 14, 2011

Psalm 112:5
Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.

Though we have a sin nature, God has put in each of us a degree of knowledge of right and wrong. Today we are praying for a Bania community that takes care of the needs of the poor among them, just as the Bible exhorts us to do. Most of the the Khadayatas do not know the Lord, since there have been few, if any, who have gone to them with the gospel. But it is very possible that God may have spoken to them in such a way through the Holy Spirit that they might soon be open to hearing more about the One who tells us to remember the poor.

Pray that the Khadayata Banias will hear the Word of the Lord, and know that it is the true and living God who is speaking to them.

Khadayata People

by EJD

It was either the hot and humid air of Mumbai or the anxiety of being in a crowded hospital waiting room that caused big beads of perspiration to form on Damayanti’s furrowed brow. She wiped her face with the palu of her saree, while her husband, Krishna nodded off beside her.

Damayanti and Krishna had arrived in Mumbai the previous day from their small town in northern Gujarat. They didn’t have much time to settle in; they had to go to the hospital the very next day so that Krishna could get needed medical treatment. They were staying at Shree Khadayata Bhavan Mandal, the boarding facility established by their Khadayata Bania community. They were most grateful for this facility which gave them a place to stay in the crowded city.

The Khadayatas are one of the sub groups of Gujarati speaking Banias. Their original family is said to have stemmed from the village of Khadat. In the early part of the previous century they organized themselves into a community that pooled their resources and strove for the betterment of their people. This included making scholarships available for poor students, building boarding facilities in large cities, and sometimes even taking care of the sick financially.

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Pray that the Khadayata people, who hold on dearly to their roots no matter where they live, will encounter God in a way so real that they will be able to turn to Him with all their hearts.

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