Daily Topic for August 12, 2011

Proverbs 19:17
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Though man is basically sinful, he usually does some things in accordance with biblical teaching. Today we are reading about the Khandelwal Banias, a community that is known to give to their people in need. Although this might not be done out of compassion or generosity, it demonstrates an understanding that when one suffers, the entire group suffers. How many Christian communities understand this? How many of us give to the poor and by faith, wait for a reward from the Lord?

Pray that the knowledge of Jesus Christ will penetrate Khandelwal Bania communities, and that they will soon come to know His love and the free gift of salvation and eternal life through Him.

Khandelwal Banias

by NW

Picture a large shopping center and replace the stores with Hindu temples. This describes the complex known as “Khandea Dham.” This complex is filled with a variety of gorgeous temples. The Khandelwal Banias who do not live in this area make pilgrimages to Khandea Dham. For these devout Hindus the pilgrimage is supposed to bring them closer to their gods.

Khandelwal Banias are known for their community involvement as business people. They faithfully support members of their own caste. If a Khandelwal man is in financial trouble, members of his community usually provide funds to help him start his business again.

In history we read that the word Bania derives from the Banyan tree. Under the Banyan tree the Khandelwal people once sat and discussed business. Today they no longer sit under the Banyan tree; instead they carry out business in corporate buildings. In the business world they add a monetary percentage to all they sell. The amount is given to a public fund that assists in providing for the construction or maintenance of Hindu temples.

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Pray for God to send business people who love Jesus to work with the Khandelwals. Pray that they will build relationships with the Khandelwals that give them the opportunity to share Jesus Christ with these faithful Hindus.

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