Daily Topic for August 01, 2011

James 2:9
But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.

Favoritism is an ugly word and an uglier practice. Do we who know Christ as Lord find ourselves in a position similar to that of Israel in Old Testament times? Knowing they were God’s favored people, they seemed also to believe they were God’s favorite people. For that reason, they felt little or no responsibility to share the blessings of Yahweh with other nations. If we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors only, we practice the most serious kind of favoritism-withholding the knowledge of God from those who have never heard.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us the desire to fulfill our responsibility to all peoples around the world and teach us to share the gospel as well as our goods.

Missionary Biography, E. Stanley Jones

by KC

It may have felt like a gust of wind had entered the room. E. Stanley Jones and three other Asbury College students continued their prayer meeting in 1905. Though they had been praying for a while, it felt like the Holy Spirit had really arrived around 10 pm. Students confessed their sins and made deeper commitments to the Lord who sent His Spirit that night. More students came to the room to bask in this emerging revival.

One student who was affected that night was Eli Stanley Jones, born in Baltimore in 1884. The Holy Spirit liberated him from pride and a sense of superiority that night, which helped prepare him for the mission field. Jones graduated from Asbury College in 1906, and joined their staff for a year before God called him to India as a missionary. In India in 1911 he married a fellow missionary, Mabel Lossing.

Though he began his ministry with the despised lower castes of India, God gave Jones a ministry of reconciliation that often involved some of the most powerful men of his day. He worked with American President Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts to avoid war with Japan before WWII. His friendship with Mahatma Gandhi and other key Indian leaders right after India achieved independence helped establish religious freedom as one of the pillars of India’s constitution.

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Pray that God will direct today’s seminary students to know exactly what His will is for their lives.

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