Daily Topic for May 11, 2011

Romans 1:14, 15
I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish…to preach the gospel.

Paul’s obligation was not a promise, or a formal contract, but a demand deep within his conscience. Rather than leisurely carrying out some religious responsibility, Paul eagerly fulfilled his debt of gratitude to the One who had paid a great price for his salvation. We, too, are under such an obligation. Imagine the impact of scattered fellowships of believers across the globe who fulfill their obligation to preach the gospel in order to reap a harvest among all peoples! Have you and your church recognized your obligation to proclaim the gospel?

Pray that you and your church body will fulfill the orders God gave us to reach out to the nations through prayer.

Work With Brahmins

by KC

Carl just commented that the Texas Rangers might make it to the World Series again this year, and now he had some explaining to do. He stifled a laugh when Mahendra asked him this question, “How can you call it the World Series when only American teams play in it? Isn’t that presumptuous?”

“The only thing I can say, Mahendra, is that we get the best players all over the world to play American baseball. Can you blame them when they can make millions of dollars each year?” Mahendra raised an eyebrow and responded, “Millions of dollars? That’s more than the best software engineer makes.”

A year ago, Mahendra came to Texas to begin graduate studies in computer engineering. Carl befriended him, and before he knew it, there was a group of high caste Hindus who regularly came to Carl’s home on weekends. Carl told them about American sports.

But far more importantly, Carl was able to tell them about Jesus, the Savior. Some of the high caste Hindus decided to give their lives to Jesus. Now Carl must pray for them as they navigate their new lives back home in India or Nepal as followers of Christ.

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Pray for Carl and his team to have the right words as they introduce high caste Hindus to the Savior. Pray for these graduate students to be salt and light to their friends and families when they return home.

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