Daily Topic for May 04, 2011

Romans 12:4
Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function…

Today, we read about Iraqi refugees living in Texas. There are some missionaries whom God called to go to distant lands to extend His Kingdom. Others can do the same through teaching English, distributing food, or taking people to appointments right in their hometowns. God has given different followers of Christ in His Kingdom different roles, but they are all for the same purpose: to extend Christ’s Kingdom.

Pray that you will understand your role in extending the Kingdom of our Lord.

Muslim Arab Iraqis in Houston

by PD

Amira Matsuda is the Director of the Iraqi American Association (IAA) of North Texas. She has become the “ambassador” and problem-solver for approximately 1300 Iraqi refugees who have settled in what she calls “Little Bagdad” in Houston.

A major difficulty she sees for these refugees is finding the right job. Many are engineers, doctors, teachers, or pharmacists. Jobs available to them are low-skilled and low-paying, such as janitorial work or dish washing. They feel that this type of work is beneath them, and they turn down these jobs.

Most Iraqis in Texas respond positively to America’s values of scientific progress, opportunity, equality, and freedom. Some faced horrifying threats to their lives in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. One Iraqi musician in Houston stated, “They (militants) threatened to cut off my fingers if I played my oud (stringed instrument) as they said it is forbidden by Islamic law. There are some people in Iraq now who deface the image of Islam and Christianity by provoking clashes between the religions. They pretend to be religious, but they are really terrorists.”

There are a number of churches and other groups that are helping Iraqi refugees with needs like housing, food, transportation, clothing, jobs, and English training. Jesus’ disciples have a wonderful opportunity to live out their faith and be a living witness for the Lord to these Muslim refugees.

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Pray that God will open the minds, hearts and souls of the Arab Iraqis in Texas so that they can know Him through His servants.

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