Daily Topic for April 28, 2011

Acts 18:6
From now on I will go to the Gentiles.

Paul was in Corinth preaching in the synagogue and “solemnly testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah.” Some of them resisted him, and he was then free to go to the Gentiles with the good news about Jesus. Throughout the centuries, many of the Jewish people have been resistant to the gospel. For that reason, many missionaries are cautious about trying to tell Jews that Jesus is their Messiah.

But God has not told us to stop reaching out to His Jewish children! Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us our duty to both the resistant and the responsive peoples of our day.

Secular Jews in Paris

by CN

“How grand!” exclaimed young Aaron, upon leaving “Le Musee d’art et d’historire du judaisme” with his grandfather. He was excited because he had learned of his Jewish roots. “Le Musee d’art et d’historire du judaisme” is located in the heart of Paris’ Marais District, the hub of the Jewish community during the Middle Ages. This magnificent museum is an effort by the French government and the City of Paris to atone for that terrible period during World War II when a large segment of the Jewish community was deported, resulting in the deaths of 76,000 men, women and children.

The museum displays one of the largest public collections of Jewish art and religious artifacts in all of Europe. It brings to life the joyous celebrations and rituals that have held the Jewish people together for centuries.

Thanks to the City of Paris and the French government, young Jewish people like Aaron can learn of their ancestral roots. But it is even more important that they be reminded of their eternal inheritance, offered freely to them by God through the blood sacrifice of His only Son.

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Ask the Lord of the harvest to send caring followers of Jeshua to witness among the Jewish communities in Paris, that they will recall their rich biblical history and recognize Jesus as their Messiah.
Pray that as the gospel is shared, it will not be viewed as anti-Semitic, but rather as the fulfillment of what God promised through Abraham centuries ago.

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