Daily Topic for April 10, 2011

Acts 8:5
Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there.

Two factors are quite significant in this single statement. The first is that Philip, a layman, began sharing the gospel outside of Jerusalem. The second is that Philip, a Jew, was sharing the good news with the Samaritans—people who were cultural enemies of the Jews, and he was having tremendous success. What a testimony to the love of Christ! Think of those groups that you consider enemies. Yet among these peoples are many unreached peoples. Will national prejudice blind us to the needs of these peoples, or will we allow the love of Christ to break down the barriers of suspicion and misunderstanding?

Pray that God will use His followers to bless the “Samaritans” (and Chechens) in their lives with His gospel.

Chechens in Paris

by PD

“There is no question that France faces a serious terrorism threat from North African extremists. However, it is difficult to understand why some political leaders in Paris continue to be obsessed with the false accusations that Chechen Muslim refugees are terrorists. They live all over France and Europe and none have been convicted of terrorist plots against their hosts.”

The French Chechnya Committee member was expressing his objections strongly to the false accusations made against Chechens. In 2002, the people of Chechnya, a Muslim region in southern Russia, were attacked by the Russian military. Many continue to suffer the aftermath of this war, especially the younger generation who are trying to survive in an ongoing tragic situation. Many are arrested as potential terrorists in Chechnya. Before the war, over 5,000 students attended the university in Grozny, and now there are only a few hundred students remaining. A non-government organization (NGO) has developed in Paris to assist Chechen students, primarily those from Grozny. From students to workers, most Chechen refugees have shown they are determined and will work hard to succeed in France.

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Pray that followers of Christ will develop lasting friendships with Chechen Muslims in Paris, many of whom feel lonely and removed from their Islamic faith. Pray they will receive the support needed that can lead them to the hope and comfort only found in the Lord. Pray that out of their tragedies, these Chechens will become strong believers that may lead many of their people to the Lord so they will know peace.

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