Daily Topic for February 10, 2011

Psalm 50:10
…for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.

One of the results of our fallen nature is greed. It is not limited to any particular age, gender or ethnic group. Some will resort to thievery to try to satisfy their greed. Perhaps one good way to combat greed is the knowledge that God is the owner of everything. Coupled with that, He wants to be the provider for all of our needs, though He doesn’t satisfy our every want.

Pray that the Queguedo Fulbe people will soon realize that their worth is based on their relationship with their Creator, not by the size of their herds.

Queguedo Fulbe People

by JWS

“Stop thief! Stop!” screams the angry man into the desert wind. He has spotted a boy hastily driving his cattle over the crest of a looming sand dune. His cries go unheard. The man is from the Mossi people group and he suspects that the boy stealing his cattle is a Queguedo Fulbe. Some of the 300 Queguedo Fulbe people work as cattle herders for the Mossi people. The Mossi claim that the Fulbe often “lose” the Mossi-owned cattle, but none of their own.

The size of a man’s cattle herd indicates his status among his peers. A Queguedo man believes he has a priestly role to play in maintaining the interdependent balance between his wife, his cattle and himself. Cattle are treated as extended family members. He is trained to be stoic, never to show his feelings, and to have a deep emotional attachment to cattle. (From the book People on the Move by David Philipps.)

They practice folk Islam and animism in a vain attempt to provide for all their material and spiritual needs. No Bibles exist in their dialect. With a literacy rate of about 14 percent, the Queguedo Fulbe must be reached through other media.

Pray for radio programming and the JESUS Film to be produced and widely distributed in their dialect. Pray the Queguedo Fulbe will be drawn to the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).

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