Daily Topic for February 08, 2011

Proverbs 18:17
The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.

Using human reasoning, this puts the frontier missionary at a great disadvantage. How can the missionary convince people whom in some cases have trusted in their gods for centuries? It’s humanly impossible! But we rely on the Holy Spirit, the One who takes us beyond whatever is humanly possible. With God all things are possible!

Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw every Fulbe subgroup beyond their traditional beliefs when they hear the Word of the Lord.

Fulbe Toro People

by NW

How is it possible to build relationships with people who never live in one location for a long length of time? How can a person build a bridge to reach a people group with the gospel without spending time with them? Such is the challenge that faces those who wish to reach the Fulbe Toro people of Senegal with the gospel. The Fulbe Toro people are semi-nomadic or nomadic in life style. Reaching these Muslims will require someone to live as a nomad to build the necessary relationships with them.

As we contemplate this way of life, think of the families who are uprooted on a consistent basis and are required to move to new locations. For many this is the only way of life that is familiar to them. The nomadic way of life exists because they must find fresh grazing land for their animals as pastoralists and the most fertile land for planting their crops.

In contrast there are Fulbe Toro who have chosen to become settled in a few areas. These people are now leather workers, weavers, or potters, adjusting to a new way of life. The Fulbe who now live this way are much easier to reach for Christ. Are there people who are willing to live as nomads to reach the nomads? After all, Muslim missionaries once reached out to them. Isn’t Christ’s Name worth the sacrifice?

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Pray for believers whom God calls to find avenues to share the gospel with nomadic Fulbe Toro communities.

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