Daily Topic for January 17, 2011

James 5:16b
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

James makes it abundantly clear that prayer works! God always answers prayers. He might say “yes” “no” or “later,” but there is always an answer. This month we can join our African brethren in praying for the situation in Sudan. We can tear down spiritual strongholds, and set the captives free from the clutches of Satan.

Pray that our prayers this month will result in God’s will being done in Sudan as it is in heaven.

Prayer Ministries

by JS

Just as seeds strewn on rocky and hard soil cannot take root and grow, so spiritual seeds need good soil to flourish. Prayer is the great soil cultivator! Prayer teams are essential for breaking up the soil. The soil is hard in Sudan where civil war and ethnic cleansing have prevailed for decades, but this is changing due to prayer ministries that are focused on the people and the needs of Sudan.
The Prayer 40 Organization mobilizes people to be aware of and reach out to unreached people groups in East Africa. It calls the attention of African believers to nearby unreached people groups and how to pray for them. They have seen salvations and healings in the process of their ministry.

The Strategic Prayer Journey Ministry provides prayer for specific areas and their needs. Prayer teams go into an area to discern what is hindering the gospel message. They deal with the specific hindrance on site by breaking through the spiritual strongholds which are obstructing the work. This is a critical part of church planting in the least reached areas.
The aim of the 24/7 Houses of Prayer is to multiply the gospel witness. They locate unreached communities and open the area to a gospel presence.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will soften the hearts of the Sudanese people as intercessory prayer groups lift them and their needs up to God. Pray that these prayer efforts will result in the breaking down of spiritual strongholds and the exaltation of Jesus Christ.

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