Daily Topic for January 07, 2011

Zechariah 14:9
The Lord will be king over all the earth.

What a vision for the world Zechariah had! He was certainly faithful to his calling, exhorting the people to press on to rebuild the temple. Yet his understanding of God’s purpose was much greater—it was for all the nations! He said, “Many nations will join themselves to the Lord…and will become My people (2:11). A mongrel race…will be a remnant for our God” (9:6, 7). What better way to be faithful to the Lord and His Church than to be involved with His plans for reaching the nations?

Pray that the Lord in heaven will help us to be obedient to the Word He gave through Zechariah, Get on with the job and finish it! You have been listening long enough! (8:9 Living Bible).

Radio Ministries in Sudan

by JS

How do you share the Good News and hope of Jesus Christ in a country torn by ethnic and religious strife? Radio is one answer. The listener can have the privacy needed to hear the good news without fear of persecution. Radio is making a big difference in Sudan. One Christian organization is able to broadcast gospel messages and training for new believers in several different languages: Arabic, Beja and Fur. Listeners are encouraged to call in so that there can be effective follow up.

When asked for prayer requests, one radio ministry asked that we pray for current translations of radio broadcasts from English to Arabic. They also asked for prayer for the completion of Bible recordings in the Beans language. Pray for the media efforts in Sudan to soon be able to make the gospel message available in every language spoken in this country.

There is also a movement underway to establish a mission radio broadcasting network among all the missionaries in Sudan and to start an initiative to encourage the local churches to reach out to the unreached people groups. Pray for unity in the mission network so that it can be effective in sharing the responsibility to reach all parts of Sudan. Pray for the local producers of the Christian broadcasts.
The Christians in Sudan also have a very special prayer request this month. Sudan’s political strife has divided the nation. The country needs prayer as it moves toward a referendum this month to decide whether or not to divide the country between the southern and northern provinces.

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Pray especially for a safe, peaceful election.

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