Daily Topic for December 31, 2010

Psalms 51:12b-13
…grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will turn back to you.

Have you ever asked God to give you a willing spirit? Being willing to obey all that He tells us to do is an essential part of lordship. When someone says yes to missionary work, they are asking God to give them a willing spirit to go out and teach transgressors His ways so His kingdom will be extended. What an eternal privilege!

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give more of His children a willingness to teach unreached transgressors His ways. Pray that He will give you a greater will to serve Him this coming year.

Fedicca Nubians in Egypt

by JR

Another distinct group of Nubians in Egypt are the Fedicca. As with the Donglowai and Arab Nubians, they are farmers who live in rural areas. Their spiritual beliefs are dominated by a blend of Islam and animism. Their language is the only thing that separates them from their Nubian cousins.

The Fedicca Nubian literacy rate is quite high in comparison with that of their rural Egyptian neighbors. Primary and secondary schools exist in their region, as well as teacher-training facilities. Many people have radios and televisions and these media have become much more influential among them in recent years.

The typical Nubian house is very spacious, with several large rooms and a central, open courtyard. The front of a home is painted with colorful geometric patterns, most of which have religious connotations. These colorful designs are a distinctive feature of Nubian culture.

Agriculture runs the economy of the Fedicca Nubians, but since the relocation of about 100,000 Nubians in the 1960s, the work habits have changed. Now, the men do most of the fieldwork, and the women work in the home. Many women have also found work as teachers, in public service and as seamstresses.

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Pray that the Church will begin prioritizing the Fedicca Nubians. Pray that believers will connect with them in tangible ways. Pray that God would draw Fedicca Nubians to Himself and that we will soon see a strong, Christ-centered fellowship among them.

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