Daily Topic for December 27, 2010

Matthew 2:15b
… And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.” (Hosea 11:1)

The young Christ came out of Egypt to His own Jewish nation, to eventually begin His three-year ministry. But it didn’t take long after His resurrection before His Word and His ways were embraced by the Egyptians.

Pray that this will be the time when the Beja peoples in Egypt will embrace His ways.

Besharin Bejas in Egypt

by CL

While the Besharin Bejas may not be the largest of the Beja tribes in terms of numbers, they live in a large area ranging from the region north of Aswan , Egypt, all the way to Atbara, Sudan, and beyond.
The key word to describe this tribe of Bejas is “scattered.” Many continue their ancient practice of herding camels and goats, while others have settled down to raise crops. But they are seldom found in large groups. Those who have chosen to give up their nomadic ways often live in small numbers on the outskirts of little villages in rural Egypt and Sudan.

Once nominally Christian, the Besharin, like many Bejas, began to convert to Islam with the arrival of Arab invaders in the late seventh century. Today they consider themselves Muslim. But given their past, it could well be that their faith is shallow and mostly cultural. Perhaps they are waiting, anxiously, to hear that a way has been made for them to come to know the true and living God.

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Pray for this scattered people group to be delivered from the dominion of darkness, into the Kingdom of the Son. Ask God to send His Holy Spirit to draw them into a personal relationship with Him through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Pray for they will soon be reclassified from unreached to reached, as a movement to Christ occurs.

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