Daily Topic for December 19, 2010

Exodus 17:3
But the people were thirsty for water there, and they grumbled against Moses. They said, “Why did you bring us out of Egypt to make us and our children and livestock die of thirst?”

Water is essential to life, and no one can survive more than a couple of days without it. Perhaps for this reason, the Bible often uses water as an analogy for spiritual truth. The children of Israel had not learned to trust the Lord for either physical or spiritual water, and you can see the negative results in this verse.

Pray that the Baharia people will hear about the Lord, and unlike the ancient Israelites, they will be grateful to the Lord for His spiritual and physical provisions.

Baharia People

by WK

Long ago the Nile River flowed on a different course, in a great loop across what is now Egypt’s western desert. When the river switched to its modern course, a string of oases were left behind. Palm trees rise out of the desert sand to mark where the Nile once flowed.

Baharia is one such oasis. People living there came from Libya and Egypt’s northern coast. Only a few outsiders have left their mark on Baharia. After conquering Egypt over 2000 years ago, Alexander the Great built a temple there. Today Baharia isn’t as isolated as it used to be. A modern road now connects it with Cairo to the northwest.

The people of Baharia speak a dialect of Arabic. When the gospel spread across Egypt during the 1st century A.D., no missionaries bothered to reach out to this oasis, and the Baharia people remain solidly Muslim. That neglect has continued to this day. There is no Bible in the Baharia dialect, nor do they have gospel radio broadcasts.

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Ask God to lead a mission agency to target the Baharia people group for outreach. Pray that the Bible will be translated into the Baharia dialect. Ask God to open the hearts of this people group to the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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