Daily Topic for November 13, 2010

Malachi 1:11
My Name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun.

The heart of God for all the nations is very evident here in this last book of the Old Testament. God wanted His people to shine forth among the nations so all could see His salvation. So it is today. God wants His people to shine forth among the nations so that all the world’s unreached peoples like the Qashqais may know His salvation. How will the nations hear of the sun of righteousness with healing in His wings (4:2) unless those who fear His Name gladly go to them with the message?

Pray that our response to that challenge will bring honor to His Name from the rising of the sun, even to its setting.

Qashqai People

by WK

Imagine having only a six percent chance of hearing the message of salvation in a language you can understand. That’s the fate of the Qashqai people in Iran. Only six percent of this people group has heard the message of salvation, and all of them live in cities. But most Qashqai are nomadic herders, who move their flocks between two areas in southern Iran. This people group is also known for weaving beautiful carpets.

Hundreds of years ago the Qashqais migrated to Iran. They speak a Turkic language similar to Azeri. In the 7th century this people group converted to Islam after Arab Muslims conquered Iran. This was a political move, done to avoid persecution.

Throughout history the Qashqais have had little use for any religion. Today few members of this people group prays five times a day or makes the required pilgrimage to Mecca. Prior to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 Armenian missionaries began reaching out to this people group, but that work was cut short by persecution.

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Pray for the start of gospel radio broadcasts in the Qashqai language. Their language has never been written down. Ask God to lead a mission agency to start a translation work. May the Qashqais one day have a Bible in their own language.

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