Daily Topic for November 11, 2010

Daniel 6:15
Then the men went as a group to the king and said to him, "Remember, O king, that according to the law of the Medes and Persians no decree or edict that the king issues can be changed.”

The leaders of the Medo-Persian Empire were noted for being inflexible. Any law that was passed could not be revoked. Such a situation often hindered empires from flourishing for very long. Today we are praying for the Hazaras, a people group that is experiencing a type of “golden age” due in part to their willingness to be open to new ideas.

Pray that this openness will allow the Hazara people to accept the fact that their salvation rests with Isa, not with the dos and don’ts that they have been taught for generations.

Hazara People of Afghanistan

by MB

Times are rapidly changing for the Shi’ite Muslim Hazaras in Afghanistan. After centuries of discrimination, abuse, ethnic cleansing, and Taliban massacres, the Hazaras are finally experiencing a golden age of sorts. They are the only notable Shi’ite Muslim people in a sea of Sunni Islam. When the U.S. forces drove out the Taliban, they introduced human rights from a Western point of view. Many Afghans were skeptical, but since then some have come to enjoy their new civil rights and freedoms, especially the Hazaras.

Culturally, the Hazaras have adopted the lifestyle and practice of the other people groups just to keep the peace with their neighbors. This adaptability has helped them take advantage of rights and opportunities long denied.

Today it is common for Hazara women to receive an education. This is a big accomplishment for a country that has one of the world’s lowest female literacy rates. This new generation of men and women attending school in relative security, motivated by their recent liberation, could change Afghanistan’s balance of ethnic power, as well as the general perception of the Hazara people.

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Pray that with these changes for the better, the spiritual liberation (Gal. 5:1) that Christ alone can bring becomes a defining trait for the Hazaras of tomorrow.

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