Daily Topic for November 09, 2010

Daniel 2:47
The king said to Daniel, ‘Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings.’

According to the customs in the Ancient Near East, each group of people lived in the service of their own god, whom they worshiped and served in exchange for his protection and blessing. The defeat of Judah had supposedly marked their God as a lesser deity, unworthy of worship by the mightier king of Babylon. However, through the faithful testimony of Daniel and his friends, Nebuchadnezzar was confronted with the glory and power of Yahweh, God of Judah and God of the nations. In this case God used the interpretation of dreams to reveal Himself to the great king.

Pray that God will use the faithful service of His children to reveal His power and love to the mighty of our day. Pray that His glory will especially be made evident to powerful ethnic groups like the Bohras.

Bohras in Pakistan

by PE

Hasina’s rida, consisting of a sequined top with beautiful ribbons and a long skirt over her dress, stands out in the drab market place in Karachi. Many sects within Islam have distinctive dress, but none more than the beautiful Bohra religious costume. Hasina is demeaned in the more rural areas for her conservative views and dress, but, with the possible exception of the market places, she is enjoying great freedom in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The storekeepers find the Bohra trait of arguing over a price for several minutes and then not buying tiresome. But Hasina laughs and winks at the fun of it all.
One trait that is admired and especially noticed by their neighbors is the fact that they avoid religious and political arguments and focus their energy on building and improving their community. Unlike many Shi’ite Islamic communities, the Bohras are fairly well accepted in Pakistani society, especially in Karachi where approximately 35,000 Bohra people live. The Bohras enjoy the luxury of peace and respect. Many are very educated and are leaders in Pakistan and other countries where they reside.

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Pray that the Spirit of the Lord sweep into every Bohra family and open their souls to the salvation of the Lord God Almighty. Pray that as salvation sweeps them up to Jesus, they will reach out with their influence to touch others in Karachi and throughout Pakistan with the good news.

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