Daily Topic for November 08, 2010

Daniel 6:10
Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed…just as he had done before.

How would we respond to an edict that forbade us to pray to anyone but the king? Would we be a “Daniel” who, no matter what the circumstances or law of the land, would remain steadfast and faithful to the Lord? Daniel was right in his decision to continue to pray to his God. Although we are normally obligated to obey the law of the land, we are to obey God alone when the civil law conflicts with God’s law. Missionaries and national Christian workers today often find themselves in difficult situations where the law of the land appears to conflict with the demands of Scripture.

Pray that the Father will give His messengers wisdom to discern when the conflict is real and unavoidable. Pray that they will have boldness to act with courage and conviction.

Chitralis In Pakistan

by PE

Khalia sank to her knees in discouragement. “We left our beautiful mountain paradise for this?” She sobbed into her veil. “All of my flowers, my roses, the pastures full of cattle, are all gone.” This Chitrali family fled their scenic mountain homeland to live in a flat, blazing desert, unlike anything she had ever seen. Khalia’s husband gently reminded her that they were fleeing for their lives.

Since the fifth century BC the Chitrali people have lived in the mountainous region of northwest Pakistan, speaking their own language. For centuries they have grown fruit trees near their homes in order to offer luscious fruit to passers-by and visitors. More recently they have been attacked by Sunni Muslims in Pakistan. Many of the Shi’ite Muslim Chitralis have been forced to flee to refugee camps in the desert close to the Afghan border. The Chitralis have been streaming into Pakistani refugee camps, chased by Sunni Muslims.

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Pray that relief workers will be called to tend to the dire physical needs of the Chitralis who are now are facing food shortages. Pray for peace and safety as the refugee camps are so close to the Afghan border they are within reach of their attackers. Pray that the Lord God reveals Himself through dreams and visions and that He will call relief workers to bring the Prince of Peace to these people who need the Savior.

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