Daily Topic for October 18, 2010

Proverbs 15:6-7
The house of the righteous contains great treasure, but the income of the wicked brings them trouble.

In many ways, the Memons are a “righteous” community. They are noted for their selfless giving, and their willingness to avoid the excesses of many other Islamic communities. But to be truly “righteous” they need to be willing to embrace Christ and His ways.

Pray for Memon leaders to do just that, and pave the way for others to do the same.

Memon People

by PE

Karim swept his blackberry from the leather briefcase and deftly texted a message to his second in command. “If they won’t lower the price of their textiles we must raise the price of our natural gas, due to ‘objective difficulties.’” Karim leaned against the high back of his executive chair and thought about the effortlessness he found in his world of business and high finance. Then, he thought, so why is life still empty?

In the 14th century a Muslim missionary went to the Hindu people of India and converted thousands. This missionary called the new converts “the Momis,” which means “exemplary Muslims.” Over the years this name became “Memons” a people also known as the maritime businessmen of India for their expertise in import, export and the creation of huge business dynasties.

Islam represents 99.99 percent of the Memon people. While known to be kind, gracious and very philanthropic, they have no one to tell them of the wonders of Christ. There are Scriptures, JESUS films, tracts, videos, and other resources available in languages the Memons can understand, but these resources remain unused. Where is the missionary who will introduce them to the Savior?

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Pray that as Memons do business throughout the world, businessmen will reach out and touch their hearts for Christ. Pray that their hearts will be opened to the gospel message. Pray that a flood of Memon souls will enter the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

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