Daily Topic for October 13, 2010

Proverbs 22:1
A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

The Sindhis seem to have it all; wealth and a good name that comes from hard work and an ability to overcome difficult situations. Yet it will be easy for them to believe that they have all they need. What will it take for them to understand their spiritual needs?

Pray that Sindhi community leaders will understand that they are spiritually poor, but they can become spiritually rich through Jesus Christ.

Sindhi People

by JWS

“Aseen! Come quickly!” “But Mama, my toys…” Mama looked out the window to see a cloud of smoke, then replied, “We will buy new toys when we get to India Hurry!”
In 1947, Asseen and his family fled their home in Sindh Province, Pakistan, when India gained independence from the British. India’s Muslim-majority provinces were carved out to create the nations we now know as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Communal riots forced well-to-do Hindu families to flee their ancestral land, Sindh Province, leaving everything behind. The Muslim Sindhis remained. Many Hindu Sindhis settled just over the border in northern India.

Hindu Sindhis are known as extremely hard-working and successful people. They usually flourish in business, particularly that of cloth and textiles. Most of them have settled comfortably in the higher levels of economic strata. Sindhi entrepreneurs are playing an important part in India’s recent economic growth and development.

According to the Joshua Project, 100 percent of the Sindhi people in India are Hindu. Their lifestyle is focused on relationships and community social events. They live together in extended family units and humbly follow the leadership of the elders in the home.

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Pray that Sindhis would discover that following Christ is more satisfying than storing up riches on earth. Pray that Hindu-background believers would go to the Sindhi people and live godly lives among them. Pray for lasting fruit to come from efforts to reach Sindhi families around the world.

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