Daily Topic for October 07, 2010

Psalm 62:10
Do not trust in extortion or take pride in stolen goods; though your riches increase, do not set your heart on them.

For thousands of years, peoples like the Nairs have managed to obtain what they want through raw power. Such people have been prideful of their abilities to take goods by force. Where does it lead them?

Pray for the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom to Nair leaders so they can understand their need to redirect their lives.

Nair People of Kerala

by KC

The Nair people are not Samurais, but they are very much like them! Like their medieval Japanese counterparts, the Nair people were once a very powerful military sector of their society. The Nair people are associated with their own form of martial arts, which has its counterpart among the Samurais. Anyone who crossed either of these martial classes was likely to be sorry for their folly, and often paid with their lives.

The 20th Century was not very good for the Nair people. Their conflicts with Muslim communities along Kerala’s Malabar Coast and the British Raj left them weakened from their previous position. However, they have retained status as part of Hinduism’s high kshatrya caste. Traditionally their form of Hinduism included the worship of snakes.

The Nair people live in Kerala, a state that is about 20 percent Christian of one form or another. They have proven to be hostile to efforts to evangelize them by Evangelicals. But what are they resisting? Are they resisting the person, Jesus Christ, or are the resisting joining people outside their community?

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Pray that the Nair people will have the opportunity to find Jesus Christ, and worship Him in a biblical way that reflects the best of their culture.

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