Daily Topic for September 30, 2010

I Corinthians 3:16
“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”

Being part of the body of Christ is a high honor that God wants all nations to share. It involves being guided by His Holy Spirit. When that happens, we become “temples” so to speak of His temple.

Pray that the Vishvakarma people will consider it an honor to become temples of His Spirit.

Vishvakarma People in Sri Lanka

by GEC

Munesh proudly walks among the shrines of Pancha Rathas. 1300 years ago his Vishvakarma ancestors carved these masterpieces out of natural stone in Tamil Nadu, southern India. The overall plan gives the impression of a city with a variety of roofs, floor plans and column designs. It served as the source and inspiration for temples and shrines throughout southern India and Sri Lanka. Munesh’s ancestors built and adorned the temples in the region. Many have been designated as World Heritage Sites.
The Vishvakarma people take their name from Vishnu, the god Hindus believe created the universe. Vishnu then gave his creative skills to the people group who now bear his name. One monolith rises to five levels, each more intricate than the other. Lifelike lions guard the entrance to the shrine. Munesh proudly notices intricate details in all five temples, as well as the lifelike animals posed around them.

The Vishvakarma people display masterful skills in creating temples to their gods. But they have yet to learn that the true creator God designed them to be His temple, to bear His Name and to display His likeness.

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Pray that the God who created the Vishvakarma people will reveal Himself to them through His Word and through dreams. Pray that evangelists in south India and Sri Lanka will share the good news that God wants to make His temple reside in their hearts.

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