Daily Topic for September 08, 2010

Genesis 11:4
Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered . . .”

The Tower of Babel project can best be described as man’s attempt to glorify himself. Instead of filling the earth as commanded and bringing glory to God, mankind sought to defy God’s will and build a legacy to himself. Mankind was concerned about passing down to their posterity the works of their hands, not the knowledge of the true and living God. Today, the nations of the world have reaped the devastation of that decision. Instead of worshipping the Creator, many people groups worship false gods who are cruel taskmasters. Satan devised this system for manipulating the peoples of the world.

Pray for the complete healing and deliverance of unreached peoples like the Rodiya trapped in demonic bondage.

Rodiya People in Sri Lanka

by TP

While they constitute less than one percent of Sri Lanka’s population numbering some 7500, the Rodiya people of Sri Lanka have their own language and their own distinct Buddhist beliefs and practices. Perhaps this is due to their historic exclusion as outcastes; their name is based on a word for filth. Caste is a feature of Sri Lankan society. Although as outcastes they may seek alms, they are generally denied work and once were even denied clothing! Yet work they do, dancing, juggling plates, and making cane handicrafts. With increased urbanization, their lot in life is improving.
As they see it, they are descended from a Sri Lankan princess who was ostracized for cannibalism. They praise her in songs and poems. Her depiction, however, is very much like the Hindu goddess Kali, recipient of human sacrifices, repugnant to Buddhists. Despite these questionable origins, the Rodiyas are beginning to be assimilated into the larger Sri Lankan society.

Only a few believers have sought to minister to these people. Among them were the late Rt. Rev. Ivan Corea, the canon of the Anglican Church of Ceylon, and his wife Ouida. We do not know if that outreach continued after his death in 1968. Today few Rodiyas are followers of Jesus.

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Pray that God will raise up more godly people like the Coreas, and that God will open the hearts of the Rodiyas to His love so that many will come to faith in Jesus and sing His praises in song and poem.

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