Daily Topic for August 23, 2010

1 John 5:21
Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

John, the elderly apostle, reveals his pastor’s heart in his epistle. He is concerned with the sin of idolatry because he knows that God created each of us to love and worship Him only. If we do not love Him, we will love something less. Whatever it is that we love in place of God becomes god (an idol) to us. How can we maintain our love and devotion to God? According to Jesus Himself, it is by obeying His commands! One of these commands, often ignored, is to disciple the nations. As we are caught up in this great task, we are less likely to be tempted by things that could become idols to us.

Pray that the Lord will help us catch the excitement and joy of being totally abandoned to His will and His cause. Pray that He will keep our hearts from idols.

Aiton People

by EJD

The heavy showers made the morning so hot and humid that Nu could hardly bear to stay indoors. She wanted to talk to her childhood friend who lived a couple of houses down the street. She wanted to feel the breeze on her damp forehead. Her newborn infants’ whimpering interrupted this train of thought. Since the birth of her son she has been cooped up at home. After giving birth an Aiton woman is restricted from interacting with other members of the community for a month.

As was their custom Nu married her paternal aunt’s son. Her husband worked in a government office. It has been a year since she got married and she looks back on that day with fondness. The wedding ceremony was held in her parents’ home and was officiated by a Buddhist monk.

As a child, she had grown up listening to stories of the oppression that her people had faced in Myanmar, their original homeland, and about their ancestors’ long and arduous journey to Assam, India where they now live. While Nu knows stories of the Aiton migration and the teachings of the Buddhist monks, she has never heard the teachings of Christ Jesus.

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Pray that the Aiton people might hear of God and the salvation He provides through His Son Jesus Christ.

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