Daily Topic for August 15, 2010

Jude 23
Snatch others from the fire and save them.

How human it is for us to be concerned primarily with our own salvation. Our own welfare is a natural concern. But it is wrong to stop there. We must be concerned for the spiritual safety and security of others also. Remember God’s challenge to Ezekiel: If you warn them and they do not listen, that is their responsibility. If you do not warn them and they perish, I will hold you responsible (Ezekiel 33:8-9, paraphrased). That is a great challenge to us as we think of those who still have not heard the gospel!

Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to be faithful to share Christ with the unreached peoples. Pray that we will have boldness to not fear rejection and scorn. Pray that He will give us the same courage He gave to Ezekiel to warn others of the judgment awaiting those who reject His grace.

Sikkimese people

by JR

Home for the Sikkimese people is a thin strip of land in India that borders Bhutan and Nepal. This is a hilly area just south of the Chinese border with a high altitude, wet, cold climate, and dense forests.
The Sikkimese are one of the more complicated Buddhist groups. Ethnically they are of Tibetan origin, which explains their strong devotion to Tibetan Buddhism.

The Indian government has granted the Sikkimese “Scheduled Tribe” status, which is merely a generic term that refers to several groups inhabiting Sikkim. People from all sorts of communities come to celebrate Buddhist festivals and holidays with the Sikkimese, which has created good unity and relationships among them.

Their economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Approximately 11 per cent of Sikkim’s land is devoted to subsistence agriculture.

There are approximately 200 Sikkimese who have put their faith in Christ. Some of them have been expelled from their villages for their faith. The Sikkimese have Bible portions available in their language, and there are eight mission agencies working among them.

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Pray that the Sikkimese will become a more urgent priority for mission agencies. Pray that the Sikkimese who have put their trust in Christ will be strong in the face of persecution, and that their faith will result in the growth of the Church in Sikkim and in other Tibetan Buddhist regions.

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