Daily Topic for July 31, 2010

Psalms 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.

This is God’s wisdom! It’s very easy for people who live on an island with a population of 125 million like the Japanese to view things differently. There are many ideas that the Japanese have embraced that come from the West, including population control. But they have not embraced the Savior.

Pray that the Japanese will embrace the wisdom from God that is far higher than any human reasoning.

Japanese in Japan

by WK

You would hardly know that school was in session at the Japanese elementary school. The halls were empty and so was the gym. If you looked very hard you might find one student and one teacher in a single classroom. There are no other children in this small town.

For 26 years Japan’s birth rate has been declining. Unlike China, Japan has no laws restricting the number of children a couple could have. One reason Japan’s birth rate is so low is because 70 percent of this country’s young women don’t want to get married or have children, according to a recent survey. During the last 10 years Japan has closed more than 2000 junior and senior high schools.
Many of Japan’s schools have been converted into homes for the elderly. Japan now has more old people than children under 18. That has led to a shortage of workers that has forced many Japanese companies to rely on robots. If the birth rate continues dropping Japan may one day have more robots than people.

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Pray that Japan’s leaders will see Jesus Christ as the answer to their nation’s population crisis. Ask God to lead missionary couples to be an example of the joys of love, marriage and family. Pray that faithful workers will show the Japanese that life has a spiritual dimension that can only be filled by having a relationship with Jesus Christ, the giver of life.

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