Daily Topic for July 08, 2010

Isaiah 17:7, 8b
“In that day men will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel… and they will have no regard for the Asherah poles.”

How it must grieve God and stir Him to righteous jealousy when peoples like the Tujias give credit to the “asherah poles” that they have constructed rather than to their Maker. The glory belongs to the One who made heaven and earth, not to any other! Missionaries have gone to the Tujias in the past, but they have not responded.

Pray that the Tujia people will respond with a life-long commitment to their Maker who can bless them with all good things.

Tujia People

by GC

20,000 Tujia ethnic people gathered in the city center to perform their ritual dance. A bull’s eye pattern marks their headdress. The Baishou Dance, also known as Shebari, is a 500-year-old collective dance using 70 ritual hand gestures to represent war, farming, hunting, courtship, and other traditions of their ancient community.

But Cheng stayed behind today because his wife was giving birth. The government’s restriction meant this could be his only child. There are many exceptions to the rule, but he could not be sure if any of them would apply to his Tujia family. So he prayed to his gods for a son to carry on his name.

Then he heard a newborn’s first cry. He raced to the door. A son! Yes, a son! He thanked all his gods. Joy and pride swelled within. Now he must follow a very specific tradition to ensure health and well-being for his boy.

Roman Catholic and Protestant missionaries reached the Tujias in the late 19th century. Still, today less than one percent identify as Christ followers out of a population of over eight million.

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Pray that the Tujia people will learn of the true God who gave His only Son to pay the penalty for our sins. Pray that the small percentage of believers within their people group will reach out to their kinsmen with the good news of Christ.

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