Daily Topic for May 19, 2010

Romans 12:4
Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function….

Many people describe missionaries as the legs in the body of Christ. They do the stepping out; without legs, the body would go nowhere, stagnated and growing fat. But the legs would be nothing without the rest of the body. The head, of course, is Christ. Congregations can be seen as the trunk, to provide vital support functions for the legs. The legs cannot be strong unless the trunk is strong as well. Rejoice today that even though you may never be able to be Christ’s legs by becoming a missionary, you can be a vital part of the missionary enterprise through your financial and prayer support.

Pray that the Father will teach us how to make the trunk healthier!

Tiriyo (Trio) People

by PE

In God’s wisdom, He creates people (plants in His garden) with many beautiful attributes. Some are fair, some are clever, some are wise, and others are industrious. To the Tiriyo he gave the gift of natural immunity to an array of viruses. 

The Tiriyo people, also known as Trio, live in the northern portion of the Suriname and the Brazilian border area. They are walking miracles in that they have great immunity to many viruses. So far antibodies to 38 viruses, common to the rest of the planet, have been identified in the blood of the Tiriyo people.

From Brazil and Suriname, both Catholic and Protestant missionaries have contacted the 2000 Tiriyos. These missionaries have brought many changes by introducing crops they had not grown before and teaching them animal husbandry. The fruit crops have also helped enrich their diet, but raising animals for food did not connect with the people’s view of the world. They made pets of them all! This might be because their mythical legends and stories tell of the special powers of the forest animals.

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Pray for the salvation of the Tiriyo People and the strengthening and deepening of faith for those who have found Jesus and responded to His call. Pray for their protection from the rapidly encroaching changes invading their lives. Civilization is introducing them to money, motorbikes, satellite dishes, and televisions. Also pray for the establishment of churches in their area. Ask God to protect their hearts from sin.

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