Daily Topic for April 26, 2010

Matt. 9:36
When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them…. They were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

How the Shepherd’s heart aches when He sees the sheep deprived of what they need! Over 200 years ago, William Carey went to the Bengali people with the gospel, but only about 600 of them responded. Since that time, there has been a remnant of believers, but it has been very small. Most remain either Hindu or Muslim. God’s heart aches when people keep Him at a distance. But perhaps there will be Bengalis in Germany who will give Him their hearts.

Pray for both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis in Berlin to put their full trust in the Savior.

Hindu and Muslim Bengalis

by AK

Bengal was one of Asia’s vibrant intellectual and cultural centers that sent students to Berlin after World War I. Around 1933, many South Asians such as the Bengalis had to leave Germany because Nazism took control. However, the tie between Germany and Bengal remained.

Bengalis still come to Berlin for educational purposes. They also see Berlin as a safe place where they can practice their Muslim and Hindu religions. There is even a Bengali-oriented mosque in Berlin. Hindu Bengalis travel 217 miles from Berlin to Stuttgart for the Durga Puja, an annual six-day festival celebrating the goddess Durga. In addition to the cost of travel, they are expected to make a financial contribution.

It has now become more difficult for Bengalis with immigrant status to find work. German law does not grant work permits to non-European Union (EU) or non-European Economic Area (EEA) citizens. This fact, added to language barriers, makes it hard for Bengalis to find work in Germany.

Christ followers may reach out to Bengalis by befriending students who may be lonely as they experience separation from their families. They may also help those Bengalis struggling to find work. We may help by praying fervently and regularly.

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Pray that Bengali Muslims and Hindus will soon learn that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Ask God to send Christ followers who can explain the gospel clearly and relevantly to them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will make the Word of God spiritually understandable and acceptable to the Bengalis in Berlin.

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