Daily Topic for April 16, 2010

John 21:6
Throw out your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.

The disciples thought that all was lost, so they returned to the lake to re-start their “career” in the fishing business. Then Jesus came along to put them back on track. Today, many Iranians are disillusioned with the radical Shi’ite Islam propagated by the Iranian government. Iranians in Berlin may be discouraged by poor job prospects. But Jesus offers a purpose to those who will have the faith to throw out their nets.

Pray that the Iranians in Berlin will see God’s purpose for their lives and get on board with Christ’s purposes.

Iranians (Persians) in Germany

by PE

Ebrahimi gently lifted his wife’s chin and looked into her sad eyes. “Try to be happy. We are in a country that treats us well. There are many Iranian goods to make us feel at home. We have applied for asylum, and perhaps I will find work soon. His wife’s tears fell onto his hand cupping her face.

She replied, “But what if they send us back? You do not have permission to work, so what if you cannot find employment, even with all your education? If they send us back we will be imprisoned or worse.”

It is estimated 24,000 Iranians live in Germany. Many are exiles seeking asylum. Some sink into depression, fearing forced return if their application is not accepted. Their political views are being shaped into socialist or Communist ways of thinking, and many have rejected the existence of God as they slip into this new political arena.

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Pray that the Iranian believers would not be forced to return to their homeland, and would be a strong voice for Christ and the gospel among their people during this transitional time. Pray that many Iranians in Germany would turn to Christ with all of their hearts. Pray that God will reveal Himself to the Iranians, and that they will realize that following Jesus is not part of a religious or political system like they just escaped from, but is truly the source of the abundant life they seek.

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