Daily Topic for April 11, 2010

John 4:32
I have food to eat that you know nothing about.

At first glace, this verse can leave us with the impression that Jesus was in such a good mood after talking with the Samaritan woman that he made an overstatement. This was no overstatement. By addressing her needs, Jesus was refreshed in a way the disciples knew nothing about. Doing the will of His Father, and finishing His work, was what truly satisfied and sustained Him. We can rejoice with those involved with Together for Berlin that they are doing the work of Christ and being refreshed in the process.

Thank the Lord for Together for Berlin.

Together for Berlin

by JS

Twenty-one years ago a fall was heard round the world – the Berlin Wall fell after more than 20 years of dividing a city and a country. The fall of Communism in the city opened the door for new freedoms, and Christianity could once again take root and grow in what had recently been hostile soil.

Today Christian Berliners are uniting in a common cause: “Together for Berlin,” is a Christian network whose goal is to reach the city for Christ. As Berlin has been impacted by separation and distrust in past decades, (both politically and spiritually) the small number of believing Christians and life-giving churches face a great challenge. In 2002 leaders from various denominations and para-church organizations established an interdenominational network called “Together for Berlin” to join in common prayer and mutual trust to serve the city. Their goal was to reach all areas of society in the city with the gospel of Christ. They felt that their differences complemented and enriched one another. Since that time they have built up a network of task forces for common action. They include prison ministry, Muslim youth ministry, efforts to combat poverty, etc. The task forces especially focus on unreached people groups and subcultures.

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Pray that “Together for Berlin” will experience a growing unity among believers in committed prayer and coordinated actions. Pray that God will use them to instigate greater efforts to reach the unreached peoples of Berlin.

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