Daily Topic for April 09, 2010

Acts 17:22
Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.”

Throughout the world, missionaries encounter members of unreached people groups who are “very religious,” just like the people of Athens. Is “being religious” a step in the right direction? In this case, it didn’t seem to be since only a few became followers as a result of Paul’s preaching. But in today’ reading, we meet religious members of Islam’s Ahmadiyya sect. Compare them with the secular humanists we often encounter in Western nations like Germany. Unlike their secularized neighbors, Ahmadiyyas strongly believe in a God of Creation and the prophethood of Jesus. Perhaps their own doctrines are a starting point.

Pray that the Lord will lead today’s workers to the “religious” people who are sincerely looking for truth and righteousness.

Ahmadiyya Muslims in Berlin

by PD

The imam beamed as the news reporter interviewed him. “Our ‘Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mosque’ opened on October 16th, 2008. It is our religious and social center. This year (2009) we opened our first Islamic imam training school that consists of a six-year program. We can take up to 68 students, and currently 29 have enrolled. We have long needed this school so we can produce imams who understand the German context and who can cater to Berlin’s Muslim population in the German language.”

The founder of Ahmadiyya Islam was Mirza Ahmad (1835-1908) from India. He claimed to have fulfilled the prophecies concerning the Second Coming of Jesus and to be the promised Islamic Madhi (Guided One) and Messiah.

After he died, the Ahmadiyya group divided. One group, the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” believed that Ahmad was the Prophet and all mainstream Muslims who rejected him were unbelievers. The other group, the “Lahore Ahmadiyyas” believed that there was no prophet but Muhammad and viewed themselves as a reform movement who should be the leaders of all Ahmadiyyas. Imam Sadr-ud-Din was one of their missionaries who went to Berlin in 1922. He built the Berlin Mosque and translated the Qu’ran into German. Other Muslim sects reject both Ahmadiyya groups. Ahmadiyyas are usually well educated and wealthy. They attempt to evangelize other groups.

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Pray that strong followers of Christ will be trained to reach the Ahmadiyyas with God’s Word so they will know and accept the true Messiah who died to pay for their sins.

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