Daily Topic for April 07, 2010

Acts 22:22
The crowd listened to Paul until he said this.

When Paul mentioned Jesus and Stephen, the mob didn’t get angry. But when he declared that God had called him to go to the Gentiles, they went ballistic. Jesus had provoked the same reaction in the synagogue at Nazareth by affirming God’s care for foreigners. How easy it is to allow natural pride and prejudice to blind us to the inclusive grace of the Heavenly Father! Could such attitudes be making it more difficult for German believers to reach out to the Yemeni Arabs in their midst?

Pray that the Lord will allow no obstacles in their hearts that might stop them from completing the Great Commission to the strangers in their midst.

Yemeni Arabs in Berlin

by JR

From the 1970s through the 1980s, Yemeni Arabs trained in East Germany as doctors, taking advantage of the close diplomatic ties that country had with Yemen. At that time, both Germany and Yemen were divided nations along Communist and non-Communist lines. Since the fall of Communism, both nations have been re-united. Most of the Yemeni medical professionals chose to stay and work in Germany; only about five percent returned to Yemen. They have kept their traditions and practices as Muslims. We know little else about those who moved from Yemen to Germany.

Currently there are probably about 500 Yemeni students in Berlin, half of whom are studying on scholarships. Aside from the religious and lifestyle differences, these students also face the difficulties of social distance and lack of personal contact with ethnic Germans. There has been little personal interaction between the Yemeni and German students. Moving from a Muslim country where there are almost no believers to a place where there is the possibility of a gospel witness presents the German Church with an opportunity and a challenge.

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Pray that God would change the hearts of both Germans and Yemenis so that they will form meaningful relationships with one another. Pray that social and political differences will cease to be divisive issues. Pray that, while they are away from their homeland, Yemenis will receive significant contact with the gospel.

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