Daily Topic for March 27, 2010

Matt. 11:28
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Like most of the peoples in the Caucasus Region, the Akhvakh people desperately need their burdens lifted. Imagine the burden of generations of conflicts, building up every year! Before they can unload that burden, they must take Christ’s yoke upon them and learn from Him. How will this happen? Are there serious Christians who are willing to go to them?

Pray for the Akhvakh people to soon learn from Christ, so their burdens can be lifted.

Akhvakh People

by KC

Daud kept his chin up and smiled as he surveyed the field of carrots he had just planted. He knew that this land wasn’t good for growing crops, but his family had managed to make the vegetables grow. “We know how to use our hands and our heads,” Daud thought proudly.

His smile quickly turned to a scowl when he saw his neighbor, Ali, riding a horse about 100 yards away. The previous month, Ali dared to disagree with Daud regarding the best time to plant carrots. I’ll never invite him over again,” Daud thought bitterly.

Daud is one of the 6,500 Akhvakh people. They have bravely and patiently managed to turn poor soil into good farmland through their years of efforts. But like many of the peoples of the northern Caucasus Region, their relationships can easily be damaged by a disagreement. Daud probably won’t have a civil relationship with Ali for years to come. It’s very possible that the damaged relationship will continue into the next generation.

The Akhvakh people nearly became Christians during the 14th century when the nearby Georgians were powerful. But Islam prevailed. The Akhvakh people have been fighting neighbors for centuries, both Christians and Muslims.

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Pray that the Prince of Peace will invade the hearts of these strife-weary people. Pray that they will have rest for their souls. Pray that they will learn from Christ how to settle disputes in a positive manner.

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