Daily Topic for February 24, 2010

Matthew 21:16
“Do you hear what these children are saying?” They asked Him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “Have you never read, ‘From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise’”?

Gregorian chants, hymns, choruses, banners and dance; all have been used to praise our glorious King. The peoples of Africa are noted for their creativity and their ability to worship the Lord with exuberance. Unfortunately, the Dangaleat people, as creative as they are, cannot worship a God that they have not yet met. How will they meet the One who will accept their worship unless someone goes to them?

Pray that soon this creative people will meet and embrace the only One worthy of praise and worship.

Dangaleat People in Chad

by PD

With the shaking of gourds, simple wooden drums and accompanied by clapping, 10 small girls moved gracefully into a beautiful dance, making them look like majestic birds. Then suddenly they started to move faster and faster as if they could fly. As fast as they started, they stopped. Then different music started and they began to shuffle back and forth. The dancing happily continued. This was the favorite game of the Dangaleat children: to imitate dances of their people and the Arabic people they knew.

Numbering almost 64,000, the Dangaleat people are part of a larger group living in the Hadjeray Region of south central Chad. Their villages are usually run by a chief or headman, who is primarily in charge of settling disputes between the villagers. Every village also has a “chief of the land” who holds the “religious power” of the village. The majority of the Dangaleats identify themselves as Muslims. However, almost all combine their Islamic practices with religious rites from their Margais cult. This religious tradition mixes animism, ancestral worship and some witchcraft. There are almost no Christian resources available for the Dangaleats in their own language.

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Pray that Christians will soon bring the knowledge of the one and only God to these people who live in fear of the spirits and the darkness of superstitions. Pray that the Dangaleat people will put their trust in this God rather than in malevolent spirits. Pray that Christian radio broadcasts will be available to them.

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